she's so satin chic.

Alison Goldfrapp :
Glamourous- onstage.
Jeans, teeshirt and a gigantic pair of sunglasses that hide her face - backstage :

But where did her curls go to ?
A : Curls are a real pain in the ass : a little bit of rain or wind, and I look like a mess. That's why I decided to straighten my hair now, with some special iron. I can recommend it to anyone.

Do you hire someone to take care of your spectacular wardrobe on tour ?
A : Since recently, yes. I used to do it myself for a long time - washing, ironing, mending- but it got a little hard. I still choose what I wear myself though, I don't want a stylist or something.

We saw you in Vogue earlier : those were some very glamourous pictures.
A : Yes, taken by Mario Testino. I only wanted to do the shoot because of him - he's an amazing photographer. I never did a photshoot that quickly, Mario truly knows how to make you feel comfortable. I didn't even mind him giving orders all the time (laughs) It's a nice thought, actually, that I'm lying around in waiting rooms of doctors and dentists now.

You've been youring Supernature for a year now. Any ideas already for a next album ?
A : Tell me about it - I'm starting to get desperate! I've got some ideas, but I can't seem to find the time to write them all down. We're touring Supernature 'til September, so I'll just have to be patient a little longer. But to prevent my brain from shutting down completely I try to read as much as possible.

Something like Vogue ?
A : Good God, no! I read serious books, like 'The Berlin Diaries', by Christopher Isherwood.

-couldnt help posting; i love her interviews too too much-

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The Stiletto Effect said...

i also like her interview!
specially when she anwers: "Good God, no! I read serious books, like 'The Berlin Diaries', by Christopher Isherwood."